I can’t remember to forget you..
I keep forgetting I should let you go
But when you look at me, the only memory,
Is us kissing in the moonlight

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It had to be done.


Casa VU, Lima, Peru by Studio TDC. (Photography: Sergio Fernandez)

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Alison Harvard photoshoot

sententiousandbellicose asked:
People are really trying to bring down Queen Sasha Fierce? I understand that they might be upset that she's stunning, talented, and has more charisma than all their faves in her little thumb but that's no reason to resort to childish pettiness. Sasha could be a size four or a size 24 and still be the best.

"She’s making popovers & you know what that means"

*looks to the side* is that..code for sex?

Emison Shippers During Emily’s Phone Call To Paige